Saturday, 12 April 2014

Protein Bar Challenge

     We LOVE protein in my house. Every meal, all the time. We've been long time fans of Clif Bars at lunch, however recently my dad looked closely at the ingredients and discovered there was soy in them. The effects of soy on men are generally not pleasant ones, and can decrease testosterone production, and increase estradiol productions, which is associated with female hormones. A rise in these hormones can lead to a development of breasts, hair loss in areas like the beard, possible dementia in later life, and many, many more issues. Needless to say, my dad and my brother do not want to eat soy at lunch everyday. So, my dad looked up three different energy bar recipes, and we made all three to decide which one (or two) we liked best! Here is our protein bar challenge!

German Chocolate Protein Bars

     We really liked these! The only issue we had was that we did not end up getting the brown rice syrup, and used agave nectar in it's place. These tasted really delicious but were slightly crumbly! Again, I think that was the issue of using only agave nectar. We plan on making these again! Please find the recipe here.

Raw Superfood and Seed Energy Bars

     I have no clue what happened here, but these did not turn out. They also tasted overly seedy for our taste buds. These are great, but not what we are looking for. Unfortunately, they did not cut well and as you can see they crumbled everywhere. These did not turn out like the original recipe. If you want to try these and see how they are supposed to turn out, click here!

Blueberry Bliss Breakfast Bars

     This is it. So good I could cry about it. These are really creamy and taste soooo lovely. These are the perfect texture to work with. They are so creamy in fact, that when we make them again we plan to add about a scoop or so of protein powder to add more protein. Please find the recipe here! 

     I am overall pretty happy with this little experiment. We will definitely be making the Blueberry Bliss Breakfast Bars, and the German Chocolate Protein Bars again. Our only issue is that there was not quite enough protein in any of them. Which is why we will be adding to the Blueberry Breakfast Bars to make them perfect for us!